Our Voices is a programme of work coordinated by the Safer Young Lives Research Centre at the University of Bedfordshire.

Our Voices promotes the involvement of children and young people affected by sexual violence in research, policy and practice.

The Our Voices University Network: lessons from our network activities

Posted: Tue Nov, 2023

Author: Beckett, H., Biffi, E., Carriera, L., Cody, C., Dartnall, E., Dolan, P., Fernanda Fix Canas, L.,. Kavenagh, M., Maternowska, M. C., Mathew, L.A., Nathi, C., Nyakambangwe,T., Papadakaki, M., Pearce, J., Soares, C., Wagman, J., Warrington, C.

The Our Voices University Network (OVUN) started in 2019. It was established to facilitate links between academics around the globe working on participatory research addressing the prevention and response to sexual violence against children. In this blog, the Leadership Team share reflections of the successes and challenges of running such a network.

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