Our Voices Too: Online survey on peer support models with young people affected by sexual violence

Posted: Fri Sep, 2018

This online survey is part of a research project led by The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking (IC) based at the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. The research is funded by Oak Foundation and aims to explore peer support models with young people who have experienced sexual violence

In the context of this study, ‘peer support'’ may include a variety of models that rely on peer-to-peer interaction and support such as: one-to-one or group-based peer support, peer-led self-help groups, peer mentoring or online support.

We are particularly interested in exploring the following questions:

  • How are peer support models initiated, supported, monitored and ended?
  • What do peer support models for young people (aged 10-24) who have experienced sexual violence look like and involve?
  • What role do peer support models play for young people affected by sexual violence (e.g. wellbeing)?
  • How are peer support models experienced and received by young people, parents and practitioners?

If you have some experience of supporting the development of peer interventions for young people who have experienced sexual violence please answer the questions below before 31 March 2019

Please read the learning project information sheet attached for more information about the project and what we will do with the information.The information sheet also explains how we will store and use the data, what you can do if you no longer wish for your data to be used in this research, or if you want to make a complaint.

By completing the online survey below, you declare that you understand what this research is about, that you are happy for the information you share to be used for this learning project, and that you consent to take part.

In addition to the online survey, we have launched a Call for Evidence to collect relevant documentation on this topic. This may include journal articles, conference papers or presentations, research reports, project reports, evaluations, websites and existing guides or toolkits. To share examples any relevant material, or if you have any further questions about this work, please contact: Delphine Peace / delphine.peace@beds.ac.uk

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