Do you know young people who want to get involved in designing innovative mobile applications to prevent risk-taking behaviour?

Posted: Sun Aug, 2014


The association Kairos uses technology to prevent young people's engagement in risk-taking behaviour. They are looking for input from young people.

If you are working with young people engaged in peer-to-peer prevention, you can contribute to this project. You will also be able to leverage the outcome for your own purpose.
The association Kairos uses technology to prevent young people's engagement in risk-taking behaviour. The objective is to promote protective behaviours to safeguard young people and their peers.

To design the concept, Kairos will co-design a solution prototype online together with young people. Currently, young people already engaged in peer-to-peer prevention programmes are being interviewed to better understand how they use technology with their peers who are "at risk". They will then collaborate, if they wish, to the co-design.

If you know young people who may be interested in participating in the interview process and/or to the co-design, please contact Kairos at
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