What it’s like working with - and being part of - youth advisory groups in the context of research focussing on adolescent health, gender and violence

Posted: Mon Jan, 2023

Author: Claire Cody. 10 min read

In September 2022, three research teams – each including youth advisors and academics - came together in an online interactive webinar to share their learning and reflections from working together on research projects spanning issues related to adolescent health, gender and violence. This blog summarises some key themes that were explored during the event and provides details of further resources.

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Join our webinar

Posted: Thu Jun, 2019

Author: Delphine Peace

In this webinar, held in collaboration with the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, we will introduce our new University Network to challenge sexual violence against children. There will be time for conversations for members and anyone interested to share ideas for future developments. 

The webinar will take place on Monday 22 July 2019 at 12pm London time

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Child Sexual Exploitation: is it really like the papers say?

Posted: Thu May, 2019


Join us for this free event on the 13th of June 2019 where staff from our award-winning research centre at the University of Bedfordshire will consider some of the common myths and stereotypes about CSE and see how they hold up in light of what we know about the different forms of CSE taking place within the UK, and the range of people it can affect. 

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Researching with/ for/ about youth and young people: A CGY workshop

Posted: Tue Jan, 2019

Author: Delphine Peace

On the 11th of February, the UCL Centre for Global Youth is organising a second workshop to explore the challenges of researching with/ for/ about youth and young people. This workshop will be an open, informal, and multi-disciplinary forum, involving both presentations from invited speakers, and group discussions among the audience. Find out more and register via this link

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Being Heard webinar: Engaging young people in sexual violence research and events

Posted: Thu Oct, 2018

Author: Delphine Peace

Join our webinar on: 'Being Heard: Engaging young people in sexual violence research and events' on 21 November 2018 at 12:00 GMT to hear about findings from an international review of evidence on youth engagement in participatory research on sexual violence, learn about a toolkit developed by our partners, SVRI, on young people's ethical and meaningful participation at events, and hear about young researchers' experience of the project. 

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Eurochild Conference 2018

Posted: Mon Jul, 2018


The early bird registration for the Eurochild conference is still available. Participants can benefit from the early bird feels until the 31 July 2018.

The event will bring positive examples of how public decision-makers at local, national and European levels are respecting the right of children to participate in decisions affecting them. The Conference will host an estimated 250-300 participants including public sector officials, politicians, children’s rights professionals and children and  young people.

Find all the information about the Eurochild conference on the dedicated page on Eurochild's website. 

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Join our next online case study discussion on the participation of young people affected by sexual violence at conferences

Posted: Fri Mar, 2018

Author: Delphine Girma

This case study discussion will be based on a number of different experiences of accompanying and supporting young people affected by sexual violence to participate in conferences overseas. It will explore and reflect on different scenarios that have arisen during these trips that predominantly revolve around the age of these young people.

The session wil take place on 22 March at 1pm (UK time).

If you wish to join the session please make sure that you register to join the network and email to reserve a place and receive further details.

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Key reflections from the Our Voices Partner Meeting

Posted: Tue Dec, 2017

Author: Claire Cody

On the 29-30 November we hosted the Our Voices Partner Meeting in Luton. This event brought together partners and Youth Facilitators from the LEAP project, new partners for the Our Voices Too project, and representatives from youth networks and other organisations in Europe. 23 participants attended the meeting travelling from Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, the UK and the Netherlands.

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Webinar: Involving marginalised young people in preventing sexual exploitation

Posted: Thu Dec, 2015


The webinar will take place on the 28 October at 2pm UK time and will involve presenters from the organisation Stellit who are based in St Petersburg, Russia. The presenters will discuss a Youth Volunteer Movement that they have been supporting that aims to prevent risky behaviours and raise awareness about sexual violence. They will share details of the movement, the ethical challenges that have arisen from this work, and reflections and recommendations on how to involve young people at risk in peer-to-peer prevention activities.

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