LEAP Against Sexual Violence (2015-2017)

Posted: Thu Nov, 2016

Aim: Support children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice.

Countries: Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Romania and the UK

Partners: Barnardo's, Pulse Foundation, Terre des hommes Romania, Stichting Alexander, Terre des hommes Regional Office for South Eastern Europe and Eurochild.

Main funder: Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union

Project lead: Kate D'Arcy

Project activities include:

  • Developing a training programme for sexual violence specialist support services to promote participatory practice with children and young people affected by sexual violence.
  • Building capacity and sustainable professional support networks to promote participatory practice through facilitating communities of practice.
  • Developing a 12 week life skills and leadership programme toolkit for children and young people affected by sexual violence.
  • Training Youth Facilitators to co-deliver the programme with partner organisations.
  • Supporting children and young people to develop youth-led projects through creative tools such as film and art which will help protect other children and young people and challenge stigma.
  • Building the evidence-base through research and evaluation.
  • Facilitating European knowledge exchange through the dissemination of freely accessible tools and resources.
Kate D'Arcy

In this episode Dr Kate D’Arcy, Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre, shares with us some of the key learning from the LEAP Against Sexual Violence project, which supports children and young people affected by sexual violence by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice in the UK and in three European countries.12 minutes.

Kate D'Arcy

This review formed part of the Life Skills, Leadership and Limitless Potential project (LEAP).The aims of this literature review were to; review the global literature on life skills and leadership initiatives for vulnerable and/or hard to reach children and young people, including relevant projects that aim to prevent  sexual violence and take a participatory or peer-led approach within their work;  collate existing information about the value of life skills and leadership projects and  programmes in order to inform the plans for participatory and creative workshops to develop the LEAP  toolkit and; provide case studies  illustrating what we know about life skills and leadership training for vulnerable children and young people.