Being Heard Project (2016-2018)

Posted: Thu Nov, 2016

Aim: Being Heard is a collaborative project between the SVRI and the Univeristy of Bedfordshire's International Centre: researching child sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence aiming to involve young people in SVRI Forum 2017 and link researchers with youth to discuss how to engage with them on research.

Countries: Global

Partners: SVRI

Main funder: The Oak Foundation

Project lead: Silvie Bovarnick

Project activities include:

  • Reviewing and scoping participatory research on sexual violence against children.
  • Delivering webinars and attending the SVRI Forum in Brazil 2017 to share the findings from the scoping.
  • Developing tools to enable researchers to engage children and young people affected by sexual violence in research activities on the issue.

The research report is available in our publications section.

Silvie Bovarnick with Delphine Peace, Camille Warrington and Jenny Pearce

This report shares findings from an international scoping review conducted by the International Centre on the engagement of children and young people in participatory research on sexual violence. The report discusses a range of ethical and practical challenges of involving vulnerable children and young people in participatory research on sensitive issues and draws out key considerations for research practice.

Silvie Bovarnick

Dr Silvie Bovarnick, Research Fellow at the International Centre, shares some key findings from the Being Heard report, a review of the international evidence on youth participatory research on sexual violence against children. We focus in particular on a question that researchers and organisations working with young people often grapple with: can vulnerable young people, including those who have been affected by sexual violence, actually 'do research' on such a sensitive topic? 12 minutes