Strengthening participatory practice with children and young people affected by sexual violence


Research and consultation reports

Making Justice Work: Experiences of criminal justice for children and young people affected by sexual exploitation as victims and witnesses

Helen Beckett and Camille Warrington

Making Justice Work was a one year participatory pilot research project. The research explored young people’s experiences of the criminal justice system in child sexual exploitation (CSE) cases,and the ways in which these could be improved.

Challenging sexual violence in Europe: Using participatory methods with children

Jenny Pearce

This report presents the findings of a desk top review into activities across Europe involving young people as participants in efforts to prevent sexual violence against children. The work was initiated and supported by the Council of Europe programme 'Building a Europe for and with Children', with the Institute of Applied Social Research

The participation of young people in child sexual exploitation services: A scoping review of the literature

Isabelle Brodie

This review aims to develop understanding of the conceptualization, nature and impact of participation in child sexual exploitation services, as well as the necessary conditions for effective participatory working, and the replicability of participative models.

'They don't talk about it enough'- Report on the 2014 consultations with Youth Advisors for Our Voices

Claire Cody

This report provides an overview of the findings from a number of consultations with Youth Advisors across Albania, Bulgaria and the UK. The consultations explored:

  • What young people felt the issues were around sexual violence in their communitites
  • What the barriers and challenges were to young people talking about sexual violence and acessing support
  • What young people thought could be done to stop sexual violence
  • How young people could be more involved in preventing sexual violence.