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Ethical considerations for universities working with children challenging sexual violence against children

Jenny Pearce

A key topic of interest that emerged from scoping undertaken as part of the development of the University Network Children Challenging Sexual Violence (CCSV) is the need for standardised ethical guidance for doing participatory research with children and young people on sexual violence against children. 

In this webinar, members of the network, including Jenny Pearce, Elisabetta Biffi, Camille Warrington and Catherine Maternowska, share thoughts and examples from their practice to explore how existing guidance, which is predominantly informed by Western-centric protocols, may need developing for participatory research embracing issues facing low and middle income countries. 

Emerging themes from the 'Our Voices Too' Youth Advocacy Project

Claire Cody and Silvie Borvarnick

This webinar was hosted on the 18th November, 2019 to mark the European Day on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. In the webinar Claire Cody and Silvie Bovarnick share findings from the Our Voices Too Youth Advocacy Project. As part of this project, the IC is working in partnership with three national NGOs in Europe: Different & Equal in Albania; the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention (NCCAP) in Moldova and ATINA in Serbia.

Each organisation is working together with young people to implement participatory advocacy activities in their respective countries. The IC worked with the partner organisations to design a toolkit for adult facilitators from these three NGOs to help them support young people (Youth Advocates), who are current and former service users, to design and plan an advocacy campaign on sexual violence against children. Throughout the process a team of researchers at the IC have been collecting data to capture the learning from this project.

International University Network: Children Challenging Sexual Violence Webinar July 2019

In this webinar, held in collaboration with the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, we introduce our new International University Network to challenge sexual violence against children and share ideas with participants for future developments. Read more about the International University Network here

Being Heard webinar: Involving children and young people in participatory research on sexual violence - challenges and approaches

In collaboration with the  International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking’ (IC), University of Bedfordshire and the What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls programme, the SVRI hosted a joint webinar to share emerging findings from a scoping which was undertaken to review international evidence on youth engagement in participatory research on sexual violence.

In this webinar, Dr Silvie Bovarnick and Dr Helen Beckett from the ‘International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking’ at the University of Bedfordshire in the UK, discussed about why and how we should engage children and young people in participatory research on sexual violence. The aim of this session was to help participants to think about some of the practical, ethical and methodological issues associated with youth involvement in participatory research on sensitive issues. 

Ethical challenges in participatory projects: Power, ownership and control – when we give young people a platform how prepared are we to listen to what they have to say?

This will be the first in a series of case study discussions that will explore different ethical challenges that can arise in participatory projects.

Working with children and young people affected by sexual violence in the UK

Kate D'Arcy

This webinar showcases a unique, EU-funded project: The LEAP Project: Supporting children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice. The webinar shares learning from a four-day course on improving participatory practice for those working with young people affected by sexual violence.

Engaging young people in online safety prevention projects: challenges and good practices from the Make-IT-Safe project in Belgium

Ariane Couvreur

This webinar introduces the Make-IT-Safe project and explores how young people got involved in preventing online abuse and exploitation.

Involving marginalised young people in preventing sexual exploitation

Marina Kutsak and Olga Kolpakova

During the webinar Stellit, an NGO based in St Petersburg Russia, share their experience of supporting the Youth Volunteer Movement "Do You Know the Way? Do it Your Own Way…"

Young people's views on their role in sexual violence prevention efforts

Claire Cody

To mark the first European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, this webinar shared young people's views on preventing sexual violence. Findings from a series of consultations with children and young people affected by sexual violence in Albania, Bulgaria and England are explored.

Making safe spaces to talk about unsafe relationships

Camille Warrington

Camille Warrington is participation lead for the International Centre. Watch the recording of a webinar presented by Camille in which she shares insights into participatory research with young people and explores good practice.