A Balancing Act: The participation of young survivors

Claire Cody and Claire Soares with Maria Stoian

This illustration summarises key messages from an international research study that explored the potential outcomes associated with the individual and collective participation of children and young people impacted by child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The findings illustrated that while there was consensus surrounding myriad potential benefits associated with the participation of young survivors, there were differing views and concerns surrounding the potential risks and tensions. This illustration seeks to convey that participation can lead to a number of outcomes and that these may be influenced by a range of different factors.

Read more about the study in the Research and Consultation Reports section of the website.

Participer Protege!

YRAP and Zuhura Plummer

YRAP members at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre designed an infographic with artist Zuhura Plummer to show how young people's participation in research and services can be protective at an individual level and for young people more widely.