Our Voices University Network: a briefing on our PhD student forum

Claire Soares and Claire Cody

The Our Voices University Network (OVUN) was established to facilitate links between academics around the world in order to develop and share knowledge about the prevention of and response to child sexual abuse and exploitation.

This briefing shares learning from the PhD student forum sessions that were held as part of OVUN. The briefing reflects what forum members have shared about:

• the tensions and challenges of doing doctoral research on child sexual abuse and exploitation (or related topics/other forms of harm)

• what they have valued about the forum

• what support needs they have which are not being met

It is hoped that the learning captured in this briefing will be of use to other PhD researchers and supervisors who are undertaking or supporting work in this field.

University Network on Children Challenging Sexual Violence: Third Briefing

Jenny Pearce

This third briefing paper summarises key points arising from the University Network's most recent webinar which explored ‘Ethical considerations for universities working with children challenging sexual violence against children’. This briefing also shares progress on the proposed University Framework and information on ' Get on the Map!' an effort to map active Network members.

University Network on Children Challenging Sexual Violence: Second Briefing

Catherine Maternowska, Delphine Peace and Jenny Pearce

This second briefing is based on our first international university network webinar, held in July 2019 with The End Violence Against Children Global Partnership. It provides a recap of presentations from speakers, key discussion points from the Q&A session with participants and signposts to resources. 

University Network on Children Challenging Sexual Violence: First Briefing

Delphine Peace and Jenny Pearce

This briefing paper summarises initial findings from a survey designed to map universities and organisations working on challenging sexual violence against children (SVAC). The survey informs the development of a new university network which will capture and promote participatory activities undertaken by universities around the world to challenge SVAC by supporting children to be co-determiners of research agendas, activities, and teaching and curriculum materials.