Join our next online case study discussion on the participation of young people affected by sexual violence at conferences

Posted: Fri Mar, 2018

Author: Delphine Girma


Through a series of online discussions, we will share a case example of an ethical challenge that has arisen in participatory work. These sessions will provide a space for a limited number of network members to to take part in these discussions and share and reflect on the challenges, responses and learning.

Our second online discussion will focus on the participation of young people affected by sexual violence at conferences.

Young people affected by sexual violence are often asked to attend conferences and workshops to share their views or showcase resources they have developed. This case study discussion will be based on a number of different experiences of accompanying and supporting young people affected by sexual violence to participate in conferences overseas. It will explore and reflect on different scenarios that have arisen during these trips that predominantly revolve around the age of these young people.

The session wil take place on 22 March at 1pm (UK time).

If you wish to join the session please make sure that you register to join the network and email to reserve a place and receive further details.