Young People's Reflections

What it’s like working with - and being part of - youth advisory groups in the context of research focussing on adolescent health, gender and violence

Posted: Mon Jan, 2023

Author: Claire Cody. 10 min read

In September 2022, three research teams – each including youth advisors and academics - came together in an online interactive webinar to share their learning and reflections from working together on research projects spanning issues related to adolescent health, gender and violence. This blog summarises some key themes that were explored during the event and provides details of further resources.

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New podcast: What does participation in CSE services look like?

Posted: Fri May, 2018


Dr Isabelle Brodie (International Centre) shares findings from a scoping review of the literature she conducted with colleagues from the International Centre on the participation of young people in child sexual exploitation (CSE) services. The review was part of the Alexi Project and can be accessed here. Isabelle speaks about the different meanings of participation, what conditions need to be in place in order to make participative working possible and effective, and shares young people and professionals' views on participation in CSE services; what they value and what they find challenging.

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Key reflections from the Our Voices Partner Meeting

Posted: Tue Dec, 2017

Author: Claire Cody

On the 29-30 November we hosted the Our Voices Partner Meeting in Luton. This event brought together partners and Youth Facilitators from the LEAP project, new partners for the Our Voices Too project, and representatives from youth networks and other organisations in Europe. 23 participants attended the meeting travelling from Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, the UK and the Netherlands.

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