‘Our Voices’ project invited to attend high-level meeting at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

Posted: Tue Jul, 2015


During this meeting the 'Our Voices' project was introduced and the Youth Advisors messages shared with the delegates.

On the 18th and 19th June the Council of Europe and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Violence Against Children hosted a high-level, cross regional meeting on the protection of children from sexual violence.
The meeting provided experts in the fields of cybercrime, child protection and children's rights with a unique platform to share knowledge and agree on action needed Claire Cody from the 'Our Voices' team was invited to present the 'Our Voices' project during the event.
During the presentation the 'Our Voices' project was introduced to the delegates and Claire shared messages and views from the Youth Advisors on what needed to change and how and why children and young people should be involved in sexual violence prevention efforts.
Claire also provided an overview of why European networks can add value and how to develop and sustain children and young people's participation in sexual violence prevention efforts.