The ‘Our Voices’ Webinar Series

Posted: Thu Jul, 2015


The 'Our Voices' Network is hosting a series of webinars on the theme 'young people participating to prevent sexual violence'.

These webinars are an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, young people and creative professionals to share expertise, experiences and learning to improve understanding and to promote the involvement of young people in efforts to prevent sexual violence.
Each webinar will last 45 minutes and feature a 20-30 minute presentation followed by a question and answer session.

  • Facilitate knowledge exchange on safe, ethical and inclusive participation of children and young people in sexual violence prevention efforts
  • Provide a forum for focussed and interactive discussions on participation in this area
  • Inspire and support projects across Europe to develop participatory methods when working with children and young people affected by sexual violence
  • Raise the profile of participatory work with children and young people to stop sexual violence
  • Share insights and learning from those working in various country settings and in related fields
  • Generate a pool of webinar recordings that can be accessed at any time in the future from the 'Our Voices' website

Webinar topics will explore:

  • How to monitor and evaluate child and youth participation
  • What young people tell us is important when involving them in sexual violence prevention projects
  • Lessons learnt from researchers and practitioners who have implemented participatory projects with young people
  • How creative professionals (filmmakers, photographers and artists) have engaged young people in sexual violence prevention work
  • How technology can be utilised to engage young people in sexual violence prevention efforts

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